johnny rozsa

"Brilly", short for Brilliant Brazil, is a Blurb book of some of my observances from years of travelling to Rio and Bahia. The first time I went to Rio, in the 70's, it was not as popular a destination for tourists as it is now. I had won a free ticket, so I flew there with my friend Andrea Dellal, and stayed at her parent's apartment for 3 weeks in Leblon.
I photographed her a few times even going to the Carmen Miranda Museum and borrowing 2 original costumes, which ended up being on the cover of a weekend color supplement in a British Sunday newspaper. The next time I went to Rio was in the late 1990s with Japanese hairdresser superstar, Fumio Kawashima of Peek A Boo fame, and we shot a beautiful hair book, produced in Brazil by Lala Guimaraes and designed by my friend Daniel Arsham. Since then I visited 3 times a year with Veere Grenney, because over Easter and Christmas, our winter, we enjoyed the weather, people, food and friends and beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Trancoso, which are unforgettable. This book is a fun, personal treasured collection of images, and I hope you enjoy it!